Expert knowledge

UX / UI & Branding

"EXP-Editions is a new publishing venture launched for an era of great complexity and rampant disinformation."

Covid hit and fake news spread fast. How to know right from wrong? The app is a library of experts who share knowledge within their field of science, history, society etc. Short interviews are available in form of videos, audios or articles. I designed the interface and identity to be light, intuitive and minimalist; avoiding distractions, driving focus to the content and creating a sense of seriousness and ease.

Product Design

As Lead Designer I worked closely with the CEO, CTO and the dev team on the beta app. I created wireframes, prototypes, userflows and Information Architecture for the search & filtering. We conducted interviews based on the defined personas and kept testing with the QA and developing the app in beta.


The logo captures the whole idea of the product; a human diving into the depths of knowledge. Each expert was added to one of six categories: Environment, Society, Science, History, Economy & Health. So I gave the brand six colour gradients and illustrated shapes based on geometric compositions inspired by human inventions throughout history. s

Web Design

The website starts with the logo, diving into the depth of the content, each section is divided by a different colours and shapes, reflecting the concept of exploring various universes.

Art Direction

To bring the shapes to live, I art directed the video sequences with a talented editor. The idea was to emphasize the depth and dimensions which we achieved by moving the shapes; rotating, expanding and contracting. Additionally the letters of the words disolve which gives a further impression of floating and perspective.


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