Reliable sources in order to understand the world

UX / UI & Branding

"EXP-Editions is a new publishing venture launched for an era of great complexity and rampant disinformation."

- EXP-editions -

Videos, audios and articles of expert insights, all falling into 6 categories: science, environment, society, history, economy and health.


My primary focus lied on the iOS app: in this role I enhanced the concept with new ideas, organised wireframes, user flow, created an IA overview for the search and filtering system and the new Onboarding sequence. I designed the screens in Sketch before they were developed and tested in the Beta app.

Brand Identity

My secondary focus lied on the branding. The logo is a reflection of the mission: Enlightenment through exploration and perceiving knowledge. I designed the logo and created the brand guidelines. This includes a colour palette, typography, shapes, use of photography, icons, tone of voice and much more (unpublished due to confidentiality agreement).


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