Conceptual design


The concept of time: The intention to capture time in an object. Not a clock nor a calendar. The experience of time through change.

The object is a candle. In the centre, in a bed of wax, flowers are enclosed, prevented from its natural decay and revealed only by the flames that melt the wax and essentially destroy the object. A short cycle of life.

The candle comes in a hexagon shaped box, printed on the cover are the words 'ephemeral'. The entire object has been handcrafted. The box has been cut and folded by hands, the print was made using letterpress. The ceramic plate underneath the candle has been shaped, painted and fired in a kiln. The wax has been shaped into three hexagon shapes stacked on top of each other by being poured into a hand crafted rubber shape. The flowers have been collected from the Flower market in Columbia Road.

The overall procedure to create the object has been very time consuming and labour intensive. The act of lighting the candle and experience the change only takes a few minutes. In total 21 artifacts have been crafted and sold at a Pop-up Shop in 2011, London.


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