web design

filmoteca is a wonderful cultural project of a cinema with diverse and international films. unfortunately the website doesn't reflect this well and is a bit outdated in terms of visuals and navigation.

this is a personal redesign project for the filmoteca website.

the current live version of the website

a wireframe mockup for the desktop version of the website.
the yellow bar indicates the space for the menu bar, including the logo, icons and language option.

the index page is displaying films that a currently shown. the light green rectangle shows the month. the blue squares are for images of the films and dark green and blue rectangles for title and further descriptions.

wireframes for the mobile version: on the left the homepage, on the right the open menu. the menu is visually enhanced with icons for fast recognition.

this is the final outcome of the design. the images are clickable for further details.

this version reduces the amount of text even further, by only leaving the the title and no description of the film, unless clicked on.

these are the icons designed for the menu bar.

two different designs, same as the desktop version and two different styles for the open menu. yellow and red were chosen based on the opaque coloured windows from the actual building.


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