email is an effective and undervalued tool of communication - newsletters help to increase sales but arguably more important -
it keeps the user engaged with the brand and culture.

for horlicks' newsletter, the priority was the user journey of the reader; ux & ui design serves here as the foundation.
the email is responsive; it works across all platforms;
desktop, mobile and tablet.

The icons at the top have been designed to take the user directly to the website and three main categories of interest: recipes, heritage and products.

it stays true to its brand identity and products. Horlicks' brand colour palette has been applied (as seen on the website) and styles such as rounding corners of images has been kept alive.

For easy reading and less scrolling, the icons have been removed for the mobile version. The images and headers are equally reduced in size to fit well into various screenformats.

At the bottom of the email (in every format) are four important categories: unsubscribe, find a store, contact us and facebook.
the essentials for every customer's email. and subtly incorporated
is the signature of GSK, since Horlicks is one of their brands.


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