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Maxinutrition: "The UK's leading protein nutrition company bringing superior protein science to everything we do"

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Below you can view some of the projects I've worked on when I was contracted at GSK.

Landing page

Sainsbury's, the second largest supermarket chain in the UK, gives companies the space to promote their brand and products on the website; an online shelf inside of their web store. Maxinutrition aquired space and I designed the landing page along with the input of GSK Sale's manager. An opportunity to transmit brand values to customers.

These wireframe served as the basis for prototyping the landing page. My first approach was to improve the navigation:

Each product has its own category, so I differentiated them by colour and added a descriptive introduction. The banner images I designed to highlight the differences. The buttons were made more accessible, bolder and bigger and by adding hover states.

My final design of the homepage was based on the idea to promote the brand and products with a clear visual hierachy. A small but powerful banner, an introduction text to the brand with a supportive video of a famous brand ambassador, followed by all six product sections. Each clearly defined by title, banner images and descriptive text with a clear CTA.

YouTube End Screens

Many customers were also fans of the brand's ambassadors, so YouTube's a popular channel for promoting the brand. The end screens were created to offer subscription to the channel, view related content or to discover their product range.

Product page

The website was being updated and with the help of a small team of three designers and a few more developers, we tried and tested the product site.

My proposal to enhance the experience was to offer concise titles, shorter descriptions and clear CTAs. Essentially the user wants to buy the product, so I've designed a version with a direct "Add to basket", to reduce the clickrate:

I also added the nutrition values, flavours and weekly dosage as a hoverstate on Desktop.

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