art direction
digital + print design

April 2018 Nestlé hosted its 4th conference on "The Contribution of the Food Sector to the Sustainable Development Goals" at Alimentaria Hub (Spain's Trade Show for Food, Drink & Gastronomy).
impuls-ia hired me to create the Identity and Design of all Marketing Material for that year's event.

icon evolution
ideas and concepts

To give all Marketing Material a coherent look, I've designed an icon that represents the concept of the event. This icon serves as a recognisable symbol emphasized through a colour palette and typography.

The best fitting icon was the globe made of colourful squares; why? Because it also links back to UNO's Sustainable Development Goals and ties the whole concept together.

Every client invited to this event received a 'Save the date' email before the official invitation. This email banner was embedded into the email. A program with times, a line-up of all speakers and location was sent out along with the email to give a clear overview of the conference. The program was attached as a PDF for downloading which made it accessible from any device on- and offline.

icons tested in-situ
experimenting designs on invitation

Placing the icon in-situ, such as this inviation banner, puts it into context, and makes it easier to understand how the icon, along with fonts and colours, creates an impression on the viewer.

This is the final design of the invitation and program in one, a PDF sent to a selected audience.

The web banner I designed to promote the event on Nestlé's website (Spain)

These postcards were handed to members of the audience, in order to write down thoughts during the speech. Whoever wanted to ask questions could use this postcard, for discussing after the presentation.

The test print of the large scale vynil.

The outcome: vynil banner and the lectern sign at the 17/04/2018 conference held in Barcelona.


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