web design

Sainsbury's website holds a section for brands; a landing page to showcase products and an opportunity to explain these to the customer. Maxinutrition aquired such a space and needed a simple and effective design that instantaneously communicates its brand image and gives a clear overview of the products.

Below you can see the design concepts. The design has been used as a blueprint for the coding team.

Click here to see the live version.

Left image is a mock-up of the tablet view. On the right side what the page looks like once scrolled down.

The structure for this page was the following:

- Brand image with logo at the top.
- Product categories underneath for instant view.
- Followed by an introductory description of brand and products, accompanied by a video of a brand ambassador.
(This section is visible on both devices, desktop or tablet.)
- below the introduction are 6 sections for the brand's categories, divided into goals.
each category holds a paragraph of information, guiding customers by making a choice for a need state.

Desktop view of the landing page.
Left image view from start, right image scrolled down to bottom.

Banner image and menu bar were designed for easy navigation. This serves as an introductionb to the different products. Click here to see the live version.

Banner image for Sculptress products. Click here to see the live version.


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