Let's meet up

UI & Branding & Marketing

"The app where the real click
comes in person".

Everything began with the idea to create an app for people to meet in person. To avoid endless chatting and ghosting, the user gets one week to create an event. The match will not only be based on attraction but also on the activity.

Be it for romantic dates, to meet new friends or just to connect to create new experiences.


Just like the brand concept, I designed the UI of the onboarding to be intuitive, fun and bold in pastelle peach tones and with gradients. I applied and created icons, chose the photography and as a team we selected and developed the screens.

Creating a meetup

In order to view events and match with people, all users must create events themselves. Each event expires within 7 days. We asked: wouldn't it be easier to have an option to save the settings?

So I came up with 3 modal designs that requires the user to take action.

Exploring Meetups

You match the event based on your shared interests, profile pictures and time & place. When I designed the screens I kept the importance of each element in mind and tried to keep them in balance.

Key visuals here are the quick access to the profile and the chat. But of course the event itself and the profile pictures.

premium branding

We explored the idea of in-app purchases and decided to create a premium version. These are some of the adaptations of the logo to give it the 'Timeling Pro' look.

We discussed the concept internally in various meetings together with the Marketing team, the CEO and CTO.


I redesigned the website, gave it more depth with patterns, used secondary colours from the brand guidelines to give it more vibrance, image elements that pop out of the screen, added the new ASO screens and the new blog section. For the mobile version I design a new burger menu where I added the app store buttons and placed them in the footer as well.

Ads & Aso

We came up with concepts for ads and I executed them along with the ASO design for play and app stores.


Instagram was another important platform to reach new & existing users. The images on the left are concepts I created and many more designs were published on their public profile here: instagram/timeling.app


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