web design

protein brand Maxi nutrition's website was being completely redesigned with a team of designers and coders, to appeal to a wider audience.

to give a better general overview of the product ranges, each category received its own page. the goal was to share information about the product range's benefits and differences.

a short description about the range and who it's made for, next to an image of the brand ambassador. 3 simple icons highlight the important ingredients, for fast comparison.

2 options for the product display section:

the first design highlights each product next to two buttons: 'more info' and 'add to basket'.

the second idea is a zoom-in on hovering over the product. this reduces the click-rate, gives opportunity for interaction and more space for further information.

large product images with only name and the recommended intake per week.

when the user hovers over the product, a window appears carrying nutritional information, flavours available and a button giving the choice to add it to the basket.

4 design options for the end screen of youtube videos. the last image is the final outcome.


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