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The International Chess Festival is an annually held and hosted event by Hotel Sunway Sitges. This event joins together contestents from all over the globe, passionate about the game.

the users vary greatly in age, culture and interest groups. this was a key component of the UX research. the website had to be understood by tech savvy users as well as the less-familiar-with-the-internet - this played a crucial role in developing the design.

the navigation of this website is very simple and clear. The menu-bar is fixed. the top section of the site stores the most important information - contact, search, language and social media. below this information, a drop-down menu bar that spans across the whole page. the simplicity of the top section leaves room for strong visual images and bold text in the main section - it breaks the rigidity and intrigues the viewer to find out more.

following the introduction, under 'read more' is a short but concise description about the event and all the logistical details. above and below are two different layout concepts for the page with a focus on the most important information standing out; event, location, date, accomodation.

Naturally, the profile is a key element of this page. The left space is used for basic background information of the user. The space on the right side carries the entire history of the user; users can view their photos, review scores, replay strategic moves and position themselves in the overall ranking.

to view the online version, please click here: www.sunwaychessfestival.com

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