Web design

Online presence and identity for an entrepreneur:
A fine artist with a gallery located in Frankfurt and a recent exhibition in New York City reached out to create a new website.

We had a conversation and soon figured out what the main goal of the website was: to showcase his paintings and to trigger a conversation with the user - to create a new connection and offering the possibility of visiting his gallery.

first step: overall concept

The website had to be clean and simple to avoid distraction from the artwork.
The copy had to be minimal to just give enough information to incite interest and curiosity.


The artist's name became the brand, Horst Gutbrod. A subtle logo next to his name, which is the emblem of his family, only becomes visible to the viewer when scrolling down the page.

Responsive web design:

The website was built in Wordpress. It is based on a template but customised with CSS to improve the experience. This suited the clients needs perfectly: it allows for manual updating of all online content without any further assistance.

Also the inbuilt parallax design creates a nice surprise effect - the paintings are placed as background images and change when scrolling down the page. Because there isn't much text, the images become the main focal point.

These three images show you the mobile view. The menu is fixed at the top and stays visible at all time. Each page is responsive. The contact page contains a simple contact form.


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