Web banner

Web banners are an essential promotional tool for marketing brands and new products. these banners were designed for varios platforms: websites, social media sites, affiliates and email newsletter, either as still images or animated as GIF.

promotional banner created for social media channels

animated gif banner
each icon was designed to demonstrates the benifits of fitbit;
counting steps, measuring pulse and heart rate as well as recording sleep patterns.

rich media takeover. the advertising covers all of the website's space available outside of its natural content. note that in the center below the menu bar and before the article sits another banner; a superlead.

hand drawn illustration, rendered digitally. these illustrations help users measure the amount of protein needed to perform well when exercising.

email newsletter banner.

the large banner was designed for an email newsletter around christmas season. it was designed for a/b testing purposes. this banner includes all copy whereas the other banner was in standard email size and the copy was added in code.

'Mills&Boon', a British classic romance publisher, updated the over all brand style on all digital platforms;
these banners were designed for affiliate websites. bold colours, modern font, playful layout based on the logo.

this infographic banner was designed for an online article about protein.
the colourful clock illustrates when to eat and the amount of protein to be eaten, at specific hours of the day.

promotional web banner to highlight an agency's successful campaigns throughout
20 years of work in collaboration with adidas.

3 design ideas for a monthly email newsletter banner with updates on the latest fashion trends.

website banner designed for metropolitan migration foundation.


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