Website Design

Massimiliano Maddalena is a contemporary photographer based in Barcelona. His website was functional but wasn't showcasing his work in the best possible way. So after discussing who his audience is and what the message is he wants to convey to every user, I began to redesign the layout.

You can view the live website here:

This was his website previously. It began immediately with a single project and when scrolling, all related content was displayed underneath. On Desktop it looks fine but on mobile this meant endless scrolling. Below the project, the user could chose from 3 more projects. Yet there are many more, just not visible. The only way the user could find the rest was by clicking on the menu tab.

Firstly I wanted to give the visitor an introduction. What is this website about?
It's about the photographer and his art. So I placed his name at the top, added a slideshow on the frontpage and underneath an intro section with a quote to get a taste of his philosophy. This can all be seen without having to scroll.

Less text, larger visuals. The layout is being separated by black and white background sections. And the video content is now directly embedded into the homepage, so that the user can instantly watch - which involves less click-throughs.

For the second concept, I've increased the size of the slideshow, removed his name and introduction and displayed all projects using a bold font for the titles. This leaves more room to discover all of his work and the user gets an idea of what to she/he can delve into.

After discussing the options with Massimiliano, we decided to combine the versions and pick elements of each design. The large slideshow (I removed the control options, so the user can only watch and not interact - similar to an exhibition), all projects in different sized preview images to break the layout and a sans serif font:


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